»  Parents and guardians are advised to periodically meet teachers of their wards to know the progress of studies and punctuality in attending class.
»   Every student must carry with him/her college diary daily.
»   Students must arrive at the college before the prayer bell is rung.
»   Late comers will not be allowed to attend the school.
»   All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.
»   Students are expected to take proper care of their books/ personal belongings. These should be marked distinctly with owner’s name class and address.
»   The college is not responsible for goods lost. We discourage children from bringing any expensive articles too school.
»   Students cannot leave the college without the permission of the Principal.
»   Students should not be sent to the college is suffering from contagious/ infectious diseases or if there are such cases in the family.
»   Students who come to the college in the care of servants or guardians, should not go home unless the servant/ guardians arrive. Students should wait for them in the college building.