school extra-activity

The School offers a large variety of co-curricular activities: Vocal classical music, Classical & Folk Dances, Debates, Quiz, Dramatics, Art & Craft-Work, Pottery etc. This is of course , in addition to the huge array of sporting interests catered through Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tae-K-Wando. There is also a very strong “life skills” program in place that fosters qualities of leadership, team spirit, and communication abilities.
Occasionally, professional dancers and vocalists, artists, painters, photographers, coaches and Instructors would be invited on a short-term basis to conduct workshops for the students.Activities in Brightland are seen as an effective and powerful medium for self-exploration, self-expression and a tuning in to the inner self. In the performing arts, theatre and music assume special significance.

Theatre activities at Brightland are designed to provide a platform for creative expression and exposure to the skills and art of theatre.

Music at Brightland is tuned with a range of musical instruments and styles found in India. Children are exposed to the finer meaning of a variety of musical sounds and rhythms. Every student is encouraged to sing, play and participate in a range of music related activities to discover the musician in them and the magic of music.

Performing arts includes mime and dance. Talented resource persons and teachers teach a variety of dance forms. These would range from folk dances to classical Indian dances. It is a medium to come out with bodily self-expression and a tool to channelize physical energies.

Fine arts include drawing, painting, clay modeling, calligraphy, and sculpture. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of mediums. A proper activity room provides children with a space to utilize the available facilities on regular basis.