school activity
  Counseling Sessions  

The college also takes care of the growing up young minds that is the students who are in their teens. For them time to time Academic counselors are invited to train them in the right spirit so that they are able to make out what is good and what is not. Bright land Inter college has also appointed it self as a guardian of the students and thus regular Career Counseling sessions are been organized here for the senior students. The college has enrolled itself with Ms Amrita Das, the renowned Career Counselor to give right career guidance to the students thus helping them out to shape a better career for themselves.
  Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony is held in them in the month of August each year when we select our council members amidst great excitement and decorum. The selected office bearers  take oath to perform their duties very well  throughout the year. Students present various cultural programmes based on the  theme sense of duty.
  Green day

Brightland College organizes Green Day for its tiny toddlers of the Preprimary Section in  the month of August ever year. As the name of the day suggests the students bring food prepared from green vegetables namely Spinach, Capsicum, Bottle Gourd and Bitter gourd, French Beans. The students also bring green fruits such as Guava, Pear, and Grapes. Skits are presented by the students that depict the utility of green vegetables and fruits. The green day is celebrated to create awareness among the students about the green colour and usage of green leafy vegetables in their daily diet.
  Grand Parents day

Grand parent’s day is celebrated every year amidst great fun and fare at the Brightland College in the school. The grand parents are invited, The children present beautiful cultural items and skits to mark the occasion.
  Hindi Diwas  

As a mark of respect to our matra bhasha, the College celebrates  Hindi Diwas with great reverence on 14th and 15th of September every year  in the college campus.  In connection to this contests like Quiz, Kavi Darbaar, Bhashan and Vaad Vivad Pratiyogita are organized to mark the celebration of the Hindi day.
  Annual Fete
Annual fete is organized during the festive time in October the teachers put up stalls of eatables and games. Children have a gala time and enjoy themselves 
  Sports Day

To keep the body sound and fit, Sports day is held alternately.  Various sports activities like 100m 200m 400m races and relay races,  high jump, broad jumps, are presented before the a large audience. Many kinds of PT drills are also presented.
  Art and Craft exhibition and Annual Concert

Every alternate year we also have Art and Craft Exhibition wherein children make beautiful craft items and parents are invited to witness the items made. Annual Concert is also organized in which students present their theatrical and acting skills. They present various dance and drama shows for the parents.
  Mother’s or Father’s Week

A full one week is devoted to the doting parents that the mother and the father various competitions are organized throughout he week in which the parents enthusiastically take part. Prizes are also awarded to the outstanding parent performers