Children’s minds are like computer’s hardware. Their brain develops the software by observing, listening, engaging in real and meaningful activities. We nurture and ensure there is a holistic development of our little software.

The Pre-Primary Section of Brightland College functions as a module with a distinctive persona. Children between age of 3 and 6 years need to be equipped with the basic skills that promote observation, recognition, reasoning, and physical coordination. All of these are achieved by a firm belief in our school programme.
The syllabi spanning over the 3 grades of the pre-schooling years are Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG. During the full-fledged curriculum of the Pre-Primary Section, children get a wonderful platform to face audience. Throughout the year, the toddlers under guidance of experienced and expert teachers get an insight into the multi-cultural occasions by celebrating important festivals.

Toys and other day-to-day things, children make use of, are used in a unique way as a daily exercise in classes. In the Activity room children are allowed to pick their choice of toys and are encouraged to do what they want to promote interest.

Interactive sessions are held, where in the children show and tell their classmates about their favourite thing. The session is popular amongst the children and the next turn is eagerly awaited. Experience of sharing knowledge along with friends and teachers, make learning an enriching and unforgettable experience.

The Talent show is a colourful individual performance by the children in a turn. They perform some talent viz. dance, poetry recitation, song, short story narration, fancy dress and other activities.

There are value and moral based skits and songs hosted by classes in the weekly Assemblies. Keeping abreast with the latest technology, children have audio visual activities. They watch value based stories, sing rhymes and play puzzles. Children enjoy and look forward to the Audio-Video sessions.

Brightland organizes Green Day for its tiny toddlers of the Preprimary Section in the month of August ever year to create awareness among the students about the green colour and usage of green leafy vegetables in their daily diet. On the occasion of Green Day students bring food prepared from green vegetables namely Spinach, Capsicum, French Beans and green fruits such as Guava, Pear, and Grapes. Skits are presented by the students that depict the utility of green vegetables and fruits. Similarly Brightland organizes Yellow Day for its tiny toddlers. Yellow day is celebrated to create awareness among the students about the yellow colour and usage of yellow vegetables, fruits and objects in their daily life.