Incharge’s Message

We at Brightland strive to ignite this fire in the minds and hearts of our children and move forward on the path of enlightenment of society through education which comprises a series of achievements and accomplishments. Our students have shown exemplary progress in academics and co-curricular activities by their active participation and bringing laurels for the institution. We develop our child a mature, happy and responsible young adult who is prepared to face the future with full confidence.

We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character where they develop value of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, and fortitude. Our students are trained to develop good oratory skills and excellent writing capabilities under the guidance of truly dedicated staff.

I thank our Founder Manager Mr.Ram Manas and Director Mrs.Reena Manas for the constant guidance and inspiration they provide us, to take our institution to greater heights.

Sultana Aziz - Incharge

Each child is precious and considered as a chest of treasure in Brightland College. Our motive is to work harmoniously to unleash the inbuilt skills of thinking , questioning and reasoning of all young minds who pass through the portals of this college. When this vision is harnessed / materialized there is a virtual explosion of knowledge and creativeness among the students. They feel motivated to follow their heart and chase their dreams. We instill in our students the sterling qualities of trust, tolerance and respect, which enable them to move towards the trajectory of a glorious future. Hence they grow as a world class citizen.

Mrs. Roopa Chawla