Rules for Conveyance and Conveyance Fee

1.    Conveyance fee will be charged according to the distance or area wise, and will be decided by the school management.

2.    Conveyance fee will be charged for 12 months. Once the decision about availing this facility has been taken, It cannot be withdrawn any time during a particular quarter.

3.    The children are expected to be ready before the time told by the driver. Vehicle cannot stop for a child for more than 2 mins as it causes delay of all the children in vehicle.

4.    Van goes to different area at different time, parents cannot complain about timing of pick up and dropping. We ourselves try our level best to drop the child earliest and pick the child at appropriate time.

5.    Parents must take the Van driver number and first reach them instead of calling at school number. Though we prefer parents not to call driver again and again as it distracts him and may cause problem.

6.    Transport charges are based on fuel price of November 2015. If the fuel price increases by 10% or more then school reserves right to increase the transportation fee between 8-10%.

7.    If transport fee is due for 2 months then the school management can stop the transport services of the child.

8.    School vehicle will only pick the child during school programmes like Sports/Annual Day children will go back with parents.

9.    It is not necessary that vehicle will drop the child when the child gets detention, when a child goes out of school for competition and does not reach back within school hours. During such time it will all depend on school management and in any case the parent will be informed in advance.

10.    Vehicle will nor pic or drop on days like Fete, board exams.

11.    It is not necessary that the van will come to the gate of the child. It can pic up and drop to a reasonable point near home if the road is not proper or very narrow.