Our History

Mr Manas recalls that, during those days there were no English Medium schools in Triveni Nagar so he planned to open an English Medium school but when he surveyed and spoke to the residents of Triveni Nagar locality he decided that if the society was to be served in real terms then a school with both the mediums must be opened so that no child is deprived of education. Brightland College came up with a sole motive to serve society.

Later in his educational pursuit Mr Manas was joined by his spouse Mrs Reena Manas who is the Director Principal of the school. A strict disciplinarian, she takes care of the academic section of the school and supervision of co-curricular activities along with inculcating self discipline and culture in the students.

In the primary phase the school started with very few students and few staff members. In a short duration as the strength increased the school was relocated on the adjacent space and a building to suffice the requirements of the children up to class VIII. Later the school got recognition till class X and afterwards till intermediate i.e. class XII in both English and Hindi Medium.

Later, the widespread name of the school and increasing demand for the English medium enrolment, we opened our new English medium branch. This branch was much bigger and spacious and could easily accommodate 1000 students. Keeping up with its commitment of spreading quality education the school opened its new primary wing, meant for the primary section children with educational and colourful decoration.